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Email Tarot Readings

If you are a busy person and you only have limited free time, an email reading may be the best choice for you. Tarot readings by email? Yes, it works! An email reading is just like an in-person reading - the process is exactly the same and the Tarot information comes to Sauni the same way whether you are across the table, across the city or across the world.  

You do not need an appointment because you can simply do this on your own schedule. It will not just save you time, but also travel as well. Plus, you get the advantage of receiving a hard copy of your reading (that you may refer back to, anytime in the future).

If you are in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area,
Sauni can provide private "one-on-one" Tarot readings (in person)
*also available for parties (bridesmaid, birthday, social gatherings, etc.), 
company or corporate events, and more!
Please contact us to request information and to schedule an appointment

You must be age 18 years or older to order
Tarot Readings are provided for entertainment purposes only
Email Tarot Reading
   Ordering is easy:

1. Simply click on the "Buy This" button to place an Email Tarot Reading in your Shopping Cart 
   (no purchases are final until you authorize the payment)   
     Choose to pay with your PayPal account​, credit card or debit card. 

2. Ask up to two Questions (or situations you wish to know more about). Provide your Name and 
   the Email Address where you prefer to receive your Tarot Reading 
     Submit this information during the checkout process, by adding a "Note to Seller", or you may also use  
     our Contact Page.

3. Sauni will personally layout a unique spread(s), interpret each of the cards and document your 
   detailed Tarot Reading (which will be sent directly to your email address)

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**At the present time, Sauni's busy schedule only allows for Telephone Tarot Readings**
**At the present time, Sauni's busy schedule only allows for Telephone Tarot Readings**