Tarot by Sauni
What's in the Cards for YOU?
Starting a New Project?
Considering a Major Decision?
Beginning a New Phase in Your Life?
Feeling Stuck in a Rut, or Directionless?
Struggling with a Part of Yourself, or Your Life, and Wish for New Insight? 
or simply, desiring to think more carefully about yourself?

The Age-Old Art of the Tarot​ Can Help
The Tarot is an excellent way of gaining a fresh perspective on your life, or on a specific situation. 
It can shed new light on old emotional problems, negative aspects of relationships, suggest parts of your life or personality you are neglecting, and help you to make more balanced, insightful decisions, going into the future. The Tarot is a superb analysis tool for getting a clear, detached view of what you are doing right now,
and where you are heading

Don't Let Your Questions Go Unanswered, Discover What the Cards Hold For You

Gifted and with more than 30 years experience,
Sauni will provide an accurate and insightful
Tarot reading especially for you​

Sauni prefers the Rider-Waite Tarot deck (also referred to as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck). 
Which consists of seventy-eight cards, each carefully designed to carry several layers of
meaning illustrated in a pictorial, symbolic language. The various colors used in the card, and the number of the card, along with many other symbols contained in the card (astrological signs,
animals, landscapes, and so on) lead her to uncover the message each card wants to convey. 

When Sauni performs a reading, she concentrates all of her energy on you and the questions/situations that you specify. The Tarot deck will be shuffled and cut before the cards are laid out in a specific pattern or “spread" - each card's place in the spread represents a different concept or idea. By looking at which cards have turned up, their position in relation to each other,
and their placement in the spread as a whole, she will be able to advise you regarding different aspects of your life, and current feelings about the world.

Sauni typically begins with an initial spread that represents basic ideas like what has happened
in the recent past, how you are currently feeling emotionally, what you are currently thinking or worrying about, what your current hopes and expectations are, what influences are acting on you,
and what direction you are currently heading in. Then, after acquiring a good general background,
any additional cards or spreads will allow her to reveal more detailed and specific issues.

Sauni's aim is to provide you a much better understanding of what is happening in your life,
and why you are currently feeling the way that you do. Hopefully this will allow you to make
swift and effective progress in whatever areas of your life most concern you.

No Matter Where in the World You Are Located,
Tarot Readings Can Be Provided Over the Telephone or Via Email

​What a Tarot Reading Can Do For You

How to Ask a Good Question in a Tarot Reading

The Tarot: The Major Arcana Cards (interpretations of cards 0 thru 10)

The Tarot: The Major Arcana Cards (interpretations of cards 11 thru 21)

Images of The Rider-Waite Major Arcana Cards

If you are in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area,
Sauni can provide private "one-on-one" Tarot readings (in person)
*also available for parties (bridesmaid, birthday, social gatherings, etc.), 
company or corporate events, and more!
Please contact us to request information and to schedule an appointment

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